Notarial Services & Fees By Manpriya Sarang Notary

As a legal service providers, Manpriya Sarang Notary is a competent and qualified notary capable of providing a broad range of notarization services

Notary Standing

While notaries and lawyers both provide legal services to the public, notaries focus only on non-contentious issues such as real estate, estate planning, and other documentation.


We help in building on this principle by providing you with the necessary advice and documentation that will assist you in the following areas as far as your residential real estate needs are concerned:

– Purchase

– Sale

– Refinance

– Family Transfer


A Power of Attorney is a legal document that appoints someone to look after your legal and financial affairs for you, while you are alive.


Manpriya Sarang Notary Public in Surrey provides notarization for various documents.

For notarizations, we require original documents; this will create ease and speed of the procedure at hand.


A will is a legal document that basically details the distribution and transfer of your assets and liabilities in case of eventualities like death. It is a document that must be prepared in time to ensure your assets are well taken care of, and that they remain with your family and the people who rightfully deserve to own a share or stake in it.


Advice is free! Fees differ depending on the kind of service you need.


A type of verified statement or showing, or in other words, it contains a verification, meaning it is under oath or penalty of perjury, and this serves as evidence to its veracity and is required for court proceedings.


certified true copy is the copy of a document that is stamped and signed as a true copy of the original by a person who is allowed to take declarations. 


Once the invitation letter has been written by you and notarized by us, you may send your letter to the person you are inviting to Canada. They may then submit the letter to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate outside of Canada when they apply for their Visa.


A legal planning document that allows you to choose the person or persons who will make important decisions for you, or assist you in making decisions, if you become incapable of making decisions on your own.

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Real Estate Notarization

Many of our clients are real estate agents, lawyers, and homeowners looking for high quality conveyancing services.

Wills and Estates

Manpriya Sarang, our in-house Notary Public, is an expert on wills & estates.